About Gryphon Enterprise Development

In 2010, Gryphon Enterprise Development (Pty) Ltd (Gryphon) formed a strategic alliance with Powerz-on Solar Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Powerz-on), a subsidiary of the CSI Consolidated Holdings. As a result Gryphon obtained the licence to manufacture the locally developed and production of assembly kits which comprised an SABS accredited Flat plate solar water heating system.

The initial business model was based on the creation and development of entrepreneurs, which would be black-owned and managed entities. The entrepreneurs would be responsible for the assembly of an array of various components for the flat plate solar water heating systems.

In addition to the development of business opportunities, we used the guidelines of Mentors and Business Coaching International (MBCI) to offer Leadership training and business coaching to all business owners and employees to bring about transformation in business practices and thereby the marketplace. This would result in empowered businesses able to develop strategy and take responsibility for implementing the plans of action. This approach would give the entrepreneur every opportunity to become successfully integrated into mainstream economy.

Essential technical training was also be given to individuals involved in the manufacturing and installation of the solar water heating systems in order to ensure that projects are completed with high quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

After five years, the pilot programme in partnership with Powerz-on have yielded two entrepreneurs that are independent and also had the capacity to fully absorb the entire sales demand for flat plate collectors. The anticipated huge boom in the Solar Water Heating industry did not realise although Powerz-on ensured that the continued investment in the development of the entrepreneurs remained on track.

The lessons learned has given birth to our current passion for developing all SME’s employing both a commercial and donor model to stimulate the local economy one city at a time.
In collaboration with a team of stakeholders, we have designed and launched the A-Round Ten Business Cluster Programme in February 2014. This initiative encourages small businesses to persevere amongst a myriad of macro-environmental and operational challenges at monthly breakfasts and developing strategies for business growth and resilience during peer-coaching clusters.

Additionally, we have incorporated the Gryphon foundation NPC which is currently in its set-up phase. This will provide opportunities to source donor funding to support enterprise development initiatives in our target communities.

We are in the process of establishing a network of strategic partners that will assist with the effective incubation of beneficiary entrepreneurs and delivery of core consulting services.
Reuniting nations with their God given purpose in business through a community of strategic partners by incubating a culture of integrity, excellence, inter-dependence and sustainability

100 Entrepreneurs doing business as an inter-dependent community in every city-of-choice in South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa and beyond.

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